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Accomodations near Sály

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The Timbered is a guesthouse what was restored in 2011. The original house was builded in 1905.... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
4 bed apartment (4 persons)
74.07 €

When you are looking for silence, peace, crystal clear air, or you would like to have a... More...

Hotels Sály - Csodaszarvas Vendégház 's page

Dear visitor! Rural guest house is located on the outskirts of a small village at the foot of... More...

Hotels Cserépfalu - Cserépi Vendégház 's page

Patakparti vendégház - Cserépváralja

Cserépváralja village houses are hidden among the beech-forested southern mountains romantic... More...

Hotels Cserépváralja - Patakparti vendégház 's page

"Csendes-zug" Vendégház - Cserépváralja

Guest house located in a quiet environment, a three-bed and one two-room apartment with 2 +3... More...

Hotels Cserépváralja - "Csendes-zug" Vendégház 's page

Tard of the Beech Mountain National Park at the foot of the Bükk neighborhood's three main road 4... More...